CyberStrife RPG

CyberStrife has three main items to collect: Electricity, Coins, and Gems. Coins allow you to buy engine parts and fix your ship as well as upgrade your weapon and health. Electricity is collected from monsters you fight; you can use it to charge items, vehicles, and to provide power to houses when you are completing quests for the villagers. The last collectible items are gems; these are novelties that you can save up for a raffle in which you could win an NFT. The RPG will be powered through our partner MetaZone and will be available for purchase as a META (Metaverse Enabled Tokenized Assets) in which will empower a parcel owner to leverage the asset in their respective land.

Battle to Earn System

Leverage your CyberStrife NFT's and participate in the P2E (Play to Earn) ecosystem and gain resources and XP with an engaged flourishing community.


The CyberStrife distributed RPG will allow players to earn rewards in the form of resources and upgrading wearables based on XP and resources generating from playing.


The main objective of the current CyberStrife RPG is to fix your ship, which has crash-landed on a strange planet. While trying to find money for parts to fix your ship, you encounter monsters and complete quests for the locals of the planet

META Owners

Individuals with the META's can collaborate with industry leaders in this space by deploying the META on your behalf to play and earn rewards together.

Parcel Owners

Parcel owners can gain rewards by having other players enter your paecel and interact and participate in the CyberStrife RPG, but other contents in your land as well.

NFT Delegates

CyberStrife NFT owners can delegate their wearable or NFT's to individuals to earn reward together and develop a unique guild to double your rewards and earnings.



Purchase your unique NFT and be part of a robust community